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Female Identity & Transmasculine Experience

I’m often asked why I call myself female but don’t identify as a woman. I’m also often asked why I say that I have a transmasculine experience, rather than saying that I am a trans person. Sometimes people think that means that my transmasculine experience is somehow not as valid as their transmasculine experience, because …

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The Girl In The Pink Tutu, Or My Patty Hearst

In the fall of 1997, I lived in a flea infested, two bedroom apartment, just off of campus. We’d turned the dining room into a third bedroom, and hung blankets from the ceiling, to wall it off. The third person got us down to $250 a month in rent. We’d also nailed blankets up over …

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Trans/Masculinity & Safety

TM's Improved Chest

I had my top surgery (ish) in 1997. I dreaded puberty, and breasts, as a child. I hated them from before I even got them. By the time I had them removed, I’d been binding with duct tape for a long time. Duct tape binding prevents breathing well. I was often dizzy. I fantasized about …

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I’m Afraid Of The Toilet Police

I’m really fucking tired of this toilet issue. I know that you are too. The difference is that I’ve been tired of it for twenty years. I’m really ready to move on. I will move on, just as soon as I can safely use a public toilet. I posted last month about being violently attacked …