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Social Networks, Catholicism, & Social Justice Community

I am, according to critics, an SJW. My friends are SJWs. Every last one of us contributes beyond the keyboard. But we’re all here too, in online communities. I don’t have any trouble finding news, or jokes, or porn, and I don’t need social networks for any of those things. I stick around for the …

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Psychological Self-Defense, The Golden Rule, & Finding the Line

It comes up repeatedly in various places: How should we treat groups that dominate/oppress us? How much is it okay to mock them? How much is it okay to ‘other’ them? How much is it okay to dehumanize them? It’s all very nice to think that we should all treat one another as we’d like …

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Ethics, Not Allies

I do and say what I believe is right. Rightists think that there’s some Leftist party line, where all Leftists think alike. Really, we don’t. We fight amongst ourselves enough to often undermine our causes. But we do it for the greater good. I’m a white, working-poor (poor summary of a really complicated history and …