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Female Identity & Transmasculine Experience

I’m often asked why I call myself female but don’t identify as a woman. I’m also often asked why I say that I have a transmasculine experience, rather than saying that I am a trans person. Sometimes people think that means that my transmasculine experience is somehow not as valid as their transmasculine experience, because …

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Ethics, Not Allies

I do and say what I believe is right. Rightists think that there’s some Leftist party line, where all Leftists think alike. Really, we don’t. We fight amongst ourselves enough to often undermine our causes. But we do it for the greater good. I’m a white, working-poor (poor summary of a really complicated history and …

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Stone Does Not Melt. Even If It Really Likes You.

I have written about what my stone butch identity means to me. In general, I try to not police other people’s identities*. I believe that queerness benefits from inclusivity of all sexuality and gender non-normative persons. Although I have both personal beliefs about various identities and sociological analyses of various identities, I try to save …