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Absolutely Fearless

Adriana Wilcox. She was sturdy, strong, and had curly, light brown hair. In seventh grade, we had P.E., second period. We were required to wear little, white shorts, which I abhorred. Those shorts seemed designed to humiliate adolescent girls. I usually got into my awful shorts, and into the gym, without a problem, but changing …

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Bullies, Abusers, and Old, Blind Gerbils

Growing up, I had a lot of strange pets. We were the family that took in everything. Find a possum, or a duckling, or a mole? Bring it to that house. They already have a skunk, a pair of cats, snakes, guinea pigs, and a dog. Everyone knows that they’ll take in anything. We took …

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She’ll Always Be Fond Of Me

I’m just like my father. Growing up, my mother regularly reminded me of that. They’ve been married for fifty years, but it was never meant as a compliment. Nonetheless, when there’s a crisis, I’m the one she calls. When I was six, I told her that I would never get married. She patted me on …